With almost 30 years experience in the graphics industry, coupled with additional training in sales, print, marketing and business management, Pointon Design has been a successful and exciting Gold Coast graphic design company for over 12 years. Our unique experience enables us to have an understanding of your business requirements to achieve a pre-set goal. In essence our ultimate skill is to listen to you and obtain an understanding of your business model and demographic market. We work in conjunction with you to create marketing material you will be proud to own.


From a very young age John Pointon has devoted his life to the appreciation of all art forms. With a renowned and prominent Australian fine artist as a father, it is no wonder that his chosen profession would be artistically based. After many years of personal tuition in fine art, John started his graphic apprenticeship in 1988 as a Graphic Reproducer. Completing this with honours, he was offered an overseas scholarship, and soon became a sought after entity within his industry. 


If one word was needed to describe Pointon Design, that word would have to be UNIQUE.


Far more than just a graphic design company, Pointon Design is comprised of a unique collection of specialised talents and philosophies which have blended to form a clearly focused and highly creative group. Our Gold Coast based graphic design team is totally dedicated to producing the most effective promotional image possible for each of our clients.